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Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Lotion 400 ml

৳ 650

Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Lotion 200 Ml

 : Vaseline
     •Weight:400 ml
     •Price:৳ 650


•SPF 15 for superior fairness protection against harsh UVA and UVB rays
•Contains Vitamin B3 which help skin look fairer by inhibiting melanin production
•Healthy & Fairer skin in 2 weeks
•Fast Absorbing, non-greasy
•Fairness even under the harsh sun
•Skin lightening lotion
Your body produces melanin in response to pollutants, and UV exposure which can lead to skin damage, darkening and uneven skin tone. Vaseline Healthy White, our best skin lightening lotion helps heal dry damaged skin. With micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly, the lotion helps heal skin. Along with Vitamin B3, which is known to inhibit the production and transfer of melanin, it brings back skin’s healthy radiance. Triple sunscreens further protect your fairness against sun damage. Use everyday to help heal skin and make it look healthier and fairer. Shop now!


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